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How to Fix Crowded or Crooked Teeth

Are you experiencing problems with crowded or crooked teeth and looking for solutions? You are not alone.

Are you experiencing problems with crowded or crooked teeth and looking for solutions? You are not alone – misaligned teeth and overlapping teeth are an incredibly common phenomenon across all age groups from children to the elderly.

Before we delve into the solutions, let us first understand what the common causes are, associated problems and why it would be beneficial to fix them in the long run!

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

There is a whole range of reasons that could result in crooked or crowded teeth which include some of the following:

  • Genetics -e.g., extra tooth or abnormally large teeth
  • Jaws being too small to fit the full set of teeth.
  • Misaligned jaws due to improper development as a child
  • Repetitive behaviors like sucking on thumbs, pacifiers, and more
  • Poor nutrition resulting in inadequate dental development
  • Injuries
  • And more

Why Fix Them?

Are you wondering if it is such a widespread problem, why do people bother fixing it? Well, there are quite a few reasons for that.

Self-Esteem – For many, a crooked smile could cause a lack of confidence in smiling or being incredibly self-conscious during social interactions. This could snowball into many other psychological developments over time.

Oral Hygiene – Misaligned teeth make it hard to thoroughly clean the crevices where food particles may remain stuck. Being unable to maintain oral hygiene is a sure-fire way to invite tooth decay and gum diseases if left untreated over time.

Speech Problems – In some severe cases, crooked teeth can impact the person’s ability to articulate properly.

How to Fix Crowded and Crooked teeth?

Good news! There are many different available treatments out there to help anyone suffering from such problems overcome this issue.


One of the most straightforward and common treatments for crowded teeth is via braces. Today, there is quite the variety you can choose from:

  • Traditional Metal Braces – which uses metal brackets and wires to straighten your teeth Ceramic Braces – similar to the above but are tooth-colored for more subtlety.
  • Invisalign – A new and convenient technology that uses specially molded clear aligners to gradually shift your teeth into shape. In the past, this was reserved for minor cases but now can treat any patient! 


For less severe cases (where only one to two teeth correction is required), retainers can also be used as a treatment.

An additional bonus: Retainers are usually made of molded plastic and wire which makes them easily removable compared to traditional braces. 


If you are looking for a purely aesthetic solution your dentist could talk to you aboutveneers for less severe cases.

By applying composite or porcelain “covers” on the front of the teeth, it can help to give the impression of straight white teeth.

Do note that the actual issue with misalignment is not corrected in this case!


Again, this is an option that a cosmetic and/or family dentist would do for you. This requires significant tooth restructuring where various teeth need to be “cut down” in order for a metal or tooth-colored “cap” to be placed on your tooth. Because of this reason, crowns are usually the least recommended option.

Keen to Resolve Your Problem with Crowded or Crooked Teeth Once and For All?

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