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Invisalign for Teens: A New Popular Alternative to Traditional Braces

Looking for a way to correct your smile in your teenage years? Wondering if there are other alternatives than traditional braces that you see on peers? Good news, there is!

Looking for a way to correct your smile in your teenage years? Wondering if there are other alternatives than traditional braces that you see on peers?

Good news, there is!

Invisalign Teen is a specially designed clear aligner system for teenagers. Instead of using wires, brackets, and bands to move your teeth into place, Invisalign uses simple clear aligners to achieve even better results in a shorter time.

Interested to learn more about this exciting technology? Here are some compelling reasons why more teens are opting for Invisalign over traditional braces!

(Almost Entirely) Invisible

The most obvious advantage of the Invisalign treatment over traditional braces is its subtlety. The invisibility of the clear aligners, compared to large metal wires running across your teeth, is a huge difference that matters to many self-conscious teenagers.

While it does take a couple of days to adjust to the new clear aligner over your teeth, it is a more unnoticeable solution to traditional braces. In fact, most people will not be able to tell you are on an Invisalign treatment unless you tell them yourself!

Comfortable Treatment

You may have heard of some of the disadvantages of traditional brace treatment – particularly the discomfort (and mouth sores) that comes with the roughness of metal brackets and wires running across your teeth.

In contrast, Invisalign retainers are molded to your unique teeth shape and aim to shift your teeth ever so gradually with each new set. Hence it is quite rare to experience any significant discomfort with this treatment at all.

No Food Restrictions

Love your food? You will be happy to hear that you do not have to go on the dreaded “liquid diet” or dietary restrictions when you start your Invisalign treatment.

Since the alignersare removable, you can eat or drink anything that you want! No holds barred!

Easy to Upkeep Oral Hygiene

Worried about having food stuck in your braces? Talk about awkward situations at the school cafeteria. Well, there are no such concerns when it comes to Invisalign since you can take off the aligners conveniently before every meal.

This flexibility also allows you to continue your regular oral hygiene routine after every meal!

Suits All Lifestyles

Teens sometimes delay correcting their smiles because they worry it will affect their current lifestyles – especially so if you do high-impact sports,play wind instruments in your school orchestra, or love taking IG selfies!

But with Invisalign Teen, minimal lifestyle changes are required – you can continue your activities as normal.

Great results – With Lesser Time Spent at the Dentist’s

Last but not least, it also requires a lot fewer visits to our office – so you can spend that extra time doing what you love!

Simply switch out your aligners for a new set every week– all DIY! And only head back to the clinic every 10-12 weeks for progress checks with Dr. Dunegan or Dr. Cole!

Ready to get started on your Invisalign Teen treatment? Dunegan & Cole Orthodontics is your neighborhood orthodontist who can help on this exciting journey! Call us today to get started at 703.753.4777 or request a complimentary consultation online.

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