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Our Top 6 Most Commonly Asked Questions We Get from Invisalign Patients

If you’re a current Invisalign patient or are looking to start your Invisalign journey, you likely have a few questions about this revolutionary treatment plan. From what you can and cannot eat to how often you should be wearing your aligners, there are a lot of specifics that can affect your overall treatment success. 

Read on to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear around the office.

Can I Eat with My Invisalign In?

The idea of Invisalign being easily removable is so that you can take them off during mealtimes so you can eat comfortably.

So please don’t skip this simple step and remove them before you start eating. Eating with your Invisalign aligners on can cause them to be damaged or chipped and not work as well as they should. Meaning your treatment progress may be delayed. 

What Types of Food Should I Avoid When on Invisalign Treatment?

The good news is you don’t have as many dietary restrictions as compared to traditional braces. But there are still categories of food you may want to avoid as they could affect the treatment process, such as:

  • Hard to bite foods – these can cause movement or could even cause your teeth to chip/break
  • Sticky sweets and gum – the residue of these candies could cause discoloration of your aligners or get stuck between your teeth.
  • Spices that stain – Turmeric, saffron, and ginger tend to stain your teeth, and aligners

What Can I Drink with Invisalign?

While it is comparatively less inconvenient to drink with your Invisalign aligners on, it is essential to avoid specific types of drinks that could stain your aligners or attachments in the process.

Some types of drinks you might need to avoid during your treatment include:

  • Coffee, tea, wine, and colored beverages could cause discoloration of your aligners or attachments
  • Any hot drink which could cause the plastic aligners to melt and warp

What To Do If My Invisalign Has Stained Attachments?

Forgot to stick to the list of foods and drinks to avoid and end up with stained attachments? Not to worry, reach out to us, and we will suggest some simple methods to help resolve it.

Some of the more common methods include polishing the surface to remove the stain or using whitening products.

What is the Difference Between Retainers and Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are what orthodontists use during treatment to help move teeth into their desired location.

In contrast, retainers are used after treatment to help maintain the desired teeth positioning and prevent them from moving back.

Is Invisalign Worth It?

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign offers a discrete, flexible, and yet effective orthodontic treatment.

Read more about our article on Invisalign here or compare the pros and cons of traditional braces before you make your decision!

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